If you would like to get in touch with Hearty Vibes then you can do through a number of methods such as following us on Twitter or sending us a direct message on Facebook. However the best way to get in touch is though email.

For artists and bands..

Please email Hearty Vibes at Unsigned artists and bands are a favourite at Hearty Vibes so if you are unsigned, please put UNSIGNED in the subject header and it will help us to organise or inbox.

For artist, band or track premieres..

Please email Hearty Vibes at Please put either ARTIST PREMIERE, BAND PREMIERE or TRACK PREMIERE in the subject header. Again, this makes it easier for us to organise our inbox.

For Advertisers..

If you would like to advertise on Hearty Vibes then please email and put ADVERTISE in the subject header. A media kit is available upon request.

For anything else..

Please email Hearty Vibes at

Social Media Sites..

You can also find Hearty Vibes on Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Spotify, Instagram and pretty much everywhere.

For Tips..

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